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Epoca di maturazion con riferimento Golden Delicius

TREE: Early variety, high-average growth and productivity. Upright bearing of the tree, early entry into production with good and constant productivity. Blooming time: Intermediate. Resistance to diseases: average. Susceptible to Erwinia amylovora.
Most suitable areas for planting: plain areas.


FRUIT: The fruits have a typical elongated shape (average weight 190 g) with good taste qualities. The flesh is fine juicy and flavoured. The fruits are resistant to handlings. Big size. Red over colour on yellow-green background.

TREE: Summer variety; high productivity and early entry into production. Thanks to these very interesting characteristics, its growing is more widespread in central and southern Italy. Homogeneous colouring and ripening of the fruits.


FRUIT: Medium-large fruit size, smooth skin with small lenticels, yellow-green colour reddened by the sun at times; white sweet pulp, but not much consistent.

TREE: High growth of the tree with high and constant productivity.


FRUIT: The fruit has the classical elongated shape. Smooth skin, yellow background colour, sometimes slightly reddened by the sun, little dark points on the skin and light russeting at the stalk. The flesh is white and soft, juicy with a very good taste, sweet and pleasantly sour. Fruit size: medium or medium-large.

TREE: This variety derives from a bud mutation of William. Assurgent tree with a different spreading habit from William: the growth is more limited, it bears fruits also on twigs and its productivity is quite good. Early entry into production.


FRUIT: Yellow-green background colour with red carmine over colour covering most of the surface of the fruit. The fruit shape and its taste qualities are identical to William but the skin colour is different, having red stripes more or less marked depending on the growing area. The flesh is quite white but not much consistent, sugary and very aromatic. Fruit size: medium-large.

TREE: Average growth of the tree, enters early into production with a high productivity.


FRUIT: Sometimes the shape is irregular; the skin colour is green with marked and rusty lenticels. White-cream flesh not much firm, sweet and aromatic. Medium-large size.

TREE: Very high growth, slow entry into production. It is recommended the use of weak rootstocks like quince due to the strength of the tree. Forced bending of the branches is necessary in order to help the entry into production and a good productivity of the tree.


FRUIT: smooth skin with rusty lenticels and marked at times. The fruits can get reddish over colour on the surface exposed to the sun. The stalk is short. The fruit flesh is white and fine, with very good taste qualities, juicy, scented but not much firm. The fruits are susceptible to handlings and bruising therefore carefulness is required in picking and processing. Big fruit size.

TREE: Low-average growth of the tree, usually it is grafted on quince rootstocks. Enters early into production and bears quite high and constant productions.


FRUIT: Big sized fruits with an unmistakable elongated flask-shape. The skin is thin and green-yellow coloured; the flesh is firm, very juicy, sugary and with an aromatic taste.

TREE: Very strong fertile and productive tree.


FRUIT: Big fruits with rusty skin on a yellow bronze background and various marked lenticels. The flesh is white-yellow, consistent, slightly grainy, juicy, sweet sour and aromatic.